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In depth with logic (Advanced)

Making your machine look alive.

In this level, our aim is to equip the young engineers with the tools needed to bring their creative ideas to live. Using complex programming methodologies combined with advanced design techniques the students will have a decent set of skills for a young engineer and future innovator.

Target Audience: this course is for junior and middle school students with passion to create, build, and innovate.

Age group: 9 – 12 Years Old

EV3/NXT Programming, steps towards complex logic. (8 sessions)

  • Nested switches
  • The MCQ machine
  • Using Loops
  • Line tracking
  • Math using Robot
  • Building a calculator

Advanced Techniques of Robot Design. (8 sessions)

  • The ultimate challenge, a full-scale coach aided robotics project.

Technical Report Writing. (2 sessions)

  • Crash course on writing for technical/scientific research.

Robot Contest (Past world finals). (6 sessions)

  • A school wide robotics competition based on past years’ world finals contest.

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