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How learning programming in young age could decode the little innovator in your child…?!!

In a world where technologies become an intimate friend of our everyday lives

Programming becomes a universal language here’s a few benefits of teaching our children speaking the language of the world (Programming) in their earlier stages:


Educational progress:

By learning programming children won’t only learn how to scratch, decode or program but they will gain new skills such as prioritizing, info analyzing and many others that will affect their lives in every aspect especially on the “educational level” as Programming will stretch their mind muscles and so they become more focusing, more understanding for their subjects like:  Mathematics and science & of course Computer!  That’s why many schools worldwide added programming as one of their basic subjects.


Creativity, Imagination, Ideas fluidity:

Programing will unleash the creativity of your child with every new coding he’ll step into developing his imagination skills to imagine the upcoming steps and the different possible scenarios that he could go through and eventually that will make him a creative ideas maker! As rational thinking already become part of his nature.

Your child will check every step as a puzzle that needs his full focusing to find the easiest solution and the right one as well, so gradually his problem solving and decision will get developed in a very high level.


Self Confidence and High self-esteem:

Programming in young age will make your child more confident and will raise his self-esteem as after solving a puzzle, coding and making his own program/game your child will feel productive and successful, that will make him has an unshaken faith in his abilities knowing that challenges are part of life to get experience and learn not to give up!


Breaking killing Habits:

Children nowadays become obsessed with their love to Technologies, computers and video games that sometimes it becomes a killing habit wasting a huge amount of hours doing nothing but playing! And that sometimes makes them also become very introverts or isolated in their own world and threatens their fitness and social life….

But when you switch this obsession to a productive good habit everything will just change… By teaching your child programming he’ll be able to design & make his own game not just play it! He’ll also become more sociable in order to network & sell his game and to become more known he’ll proudly want to show up the world himself as the young developer!


Following passion, job opportunities:

As the legendary Steve jobs says “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  There’s a revolution nowadays towards Passion! Love what you do is what truly make a great work and change the world .It’s not about which college you are in nor age it’s about how passionate you are ,the knowledge you get and experience you gain practicing your passion!

By teaching your child Programming in young age he’ll be able to get developed and join the local & international championships. So you open a door towards his successful career where job opportunities will keep knocking and hunting your child for his skills.


Unleash the little innovator within…..Let your child become fluently speaking the universal language of the world “Programming”

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