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Mindstorms Jr. Steps (Basic)

Building the foundation of the next robotics engineer.

In this level, we plant the seeds of engineering within the students’ logic and give them hands on the world of robotics so that they can build their very first robotics structure as a step on the way of big inventions.

Target Audience: this course is for junior and middle school students with passion to create, build, and innovate.

Age group: 9 – 12 Years Old


Basics of EV3/NXT programming. (8 sessions)

  • Controlling the robot movement
  • Different types of steering.
  • Using touch sensor.
  • The Robot firmware.
  • Audible and visual interaction
  • Teaching the Robot
  • Graduation project

Basic of robotics design. (8 sessions)

  • Essential Robotics Idioms
  • Basic structures
  • Robot main parts
  • Building robot base
  • Simple mechanisms
  • Building 5 Minutes Bot
  • Building Shooting-bot Robot.
  • Graduation project

Introduction of MS-Office Suite. (2 sessions)

  • Basic skills of using MS Word and MS Power Point.

Robot Contest (Doors). (6 sessions)

  • Inter-class contest to modify a robot design with the aim of finding and opening the right Door and get out of the room.

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