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Programing Problem Solving camps

Be prepared for a top position in the regional competition ACM ACPC 2017

28th of January till 7th of February 2017

Sunny Days Palma De Mirette Resort
Hurghada  Egypt

Why to attend ?

The Camp is one of the best ways you can get trained to solve problems. You will be totally devoted and dedicated to this purpose only. You will live with us for 10 complete days studying and training on problem solving and programming.

What you will learn ?

You will learn 60 hours divided by 10 days. The curriculum is set by Coach Mohamed Abd-Elwahab. Every day you will have a lecture by the Coach where you will learn something new, and then we will be divided to small groups, each group will get a practical session to apply the new subject. You will write your own code and will see the code written by the lecturer. Our aim is that you achieve the maximum benefit out of the Camp.

We will divide students on 3 levels: level 0, level 1 and Level 2. Your ability to attend any level is based on an online contest, where you will have to solve a number of quizzes online, the number of quizzes you solve in the given time determines your level..

Coach Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Wahab


Head of Scientific Committee, ACM ACPC Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Wahab Mohamed started participating in ICPC in ANARC 2000 since that date he played many roles (Contestant, Coach, Contest Manager, Judge and Problem Setter).

Coach Abd El-Wahab was awarded best Coach by ACM ICPC 2012 and is the top Coach in the middle East. And here are some of his achievements:


  • Won as a Coach 2003, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016
  • 50+ of his teams in Coaching won Top 10 in ACPC
  • Qualified 21 Egyptian teams for ICPC

Opinions of Participants in latest camp having the Coach

Below video showing the feedback of participants in the latest camp for Coach Abd El-Wahab, that was held in Egypt Summer of 2016


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