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Programming-Problems solving for Schools


Is one of the friendliest programming languages designed to give the chance for the kids to widen their horizons for simple code, creating amazing games, animated images, solving interesting problems, also the ability of creating cool things with the computer’s help.

–  Target Client: students ( starts from 7 years )

–  Duration: 32 hours ( 8 weeks ) – 2 levels.

2- Introduction to C:

If the access to programming language that gives the lenience to write, edit, compile, link and debug a C program is your target for acquiring ruling programming basics, then this course is a perfect choice, the topics will start from the beginnings of C language to end up with arrays and functions.

–  Target Client: Students ( starts from 12 years)

–  Duration: 48 hours ( 12 weeks ) – 3 levels.

3- Mastering C :

Aiming for access to programming language that gives the lenience to write, edit, compile, link and debug a C program, this course is what you need for vast and advanced knowledge, the topics will start from recursion and STL, also you’ll learn C program language and it’s fundamental concepts, knowledge acquisition of writing simple C language applications and to undertake future courses that include background in computer programming fields.

–  Target Client: students ( starts from 14 years )

–  Duration: 48 hours ( 12 weeks ) – 3 levels.

4- Algorithms:

Mainly algorithm is set of steps to accomplish certain task, Have you ever wondered How do google maps figure out how to get from place to other!! This would be by using a route-finding algorithm or How does Pixar color the 3D model of a character based on the lighting in a 3D model of a room using a rending algorithm, also How does NASA choose how to arrange the solar panels on the international space station and when to rearrange them with optimization of scheduling algorithms .

In this course students will learn more several fundamental principles of algorithm design, learn the divide-and-conquer design paradigm, with more applications to fast sorting, searching, and multiplication and learn several blazingly fast primitives for computing on graphs, such as how to compute connectivity information and shortest paths, geometric algorithms, mathematical (number theory, algebra and linear algebra) algorithms, and string matching algorithms. Analysis of algorithms is studied. Finally, study how allowing the computer to “flip coins” can lead to elegant and practical algorithms and data structures.

Target client: High school students.

–  Duration: 96 hours ( 24 weeks ) – 6 levels.

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