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Let’s qualify your Kids for the Future

Parents are always in search for ways to build the capacity of their kids. First thing is education and second is sports.

The most important thing in building the capacity of your kids – besides education and sports- is to train him how to think. Training your kid on thinking and developing his brain capacity helps him in all aspects of his life. The present and future will be owned by those who use their minds to build new solutions for traditional problems.

In Coach Academy we help your kids discover the infinite power they have in their minds, that’s why our slogan is “Uncover the Power of your Brain”. Not only that we train them how to think creatively, but also we train them on latest technology in programming and robotics.

The world is changing in a very fast pace, till now we have seen that programming and software technologies are driving that change. In the near future we will see Robotics in action, and will discover that Robotics will integrate into every aspect of our lives. More change would be driven by Robotics in every aspect. Think of the self-driving car of the near future, the flying drones, the fighting robots and robots for detecting and combating mines are just a small area of what robots will do.

How can we work together on your Kid ?!

Programming Training

We train our students in classes, our curriculum has been designed by some of the Geniuses in that profession with experience of 16 years, training students on programming problem solving, qualifying them for national, regional and International Programming Problem Solving Contests, with a track record of wins. Your kid can be our next success story.

Robotics Training

We train our students in Robotics labs, each 3 students work on a Robotics Kit, this kit contains the building blocks of robotics components. Your kid gets trained on 3 different skills: mechanics, electronics and programming. After a month of training we are confident that he will be able to build and program his first robot.

The best place to work with your Kid is in his school, we can make a deal with your school’s management to train students in school and after school hours.

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The second best place is at either one of our camps, or our classes throughout the year. All the details about our upcoming programs are announced here on our website or in the Coach Academy Junior Facebook page.

The main programming competition for schools is called IOI : International Olympiad for Informatics. It is being held once per year in June. In order to qualify for the IOI you have to be one of the finalists of the national contest (EOI: Egyptian Olympiad for Informatics). We can train your kid all the year in order to be able to join the EOI. The partners of Coach Academy have a track record sending their students to the world finals of the IOI.

In Robotics there are a lot of competitions. :

  • FLL: First Lego League
  • WRO: World Robotics Olympics
  • ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Robocup
  • Robocon

For school competitions we qualify them for the FLL and WRO while for Universities we qualify them for the rest.

  • It is discovered that Competitive learning (learning for competitions) is the best way to learn. The passion to win is the best motivation to learn,
  • Participating in competitions trains students to work in teams, have discipline, and raises their self-esteem.
  • In Competitions students learn how to socialize positively with others and raises their awareness of their surroundings
  • Travelling to contests allows him to meet other students from allover the world thus broadening his scope.

About Coach Academy

Coach Academy is an International educational institution originated from Egypt, specialized and dedicated to uncovering the brains of the Arab Students Youth in Schools and Universities.

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