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The Coach

Coach Mohamed Abdelwahab

Who is Coach Mohamed Abdel-Wahab?Coach Academy is named after the nickname of Coach Mohamed Abd El-Wahab “The Coach”, as he is the most famous Coach in the competition in the Arab region and one of the few Coaches worldwide who have qualified the largest number of students to the ICPC.

Coach Mohamed Abd El-Wahab is one of the main partners and founders of Coach Academy and is heading the training team in the Academy.

Coach Mohamed Abd El-Wahab Bio:

Head of Scientific Committee, ACM ACPC . Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Wahab Mohamed started participating in ICPC in ANARC 2000 since that date he played many roles (Contestant, Coach, Contest Manager, Judge and Problem Setter).

He was involved in the training of teams that participated in the last 10 ANARCs (2000-2009) and 5 ACPCs(2010-2014) that contained about 87 different contestant that participated 48 times 22 of them were ranked in the top five and 11 of them were ranked 6-9 and 5 from 10-20.

His teams got the 1st place 6 times and the 2nd place 6 times and the 3rd place three times 4th place twice and 5th three times and 6th place three and seventh place once and eighth place 4 and ninth place three. 14 of his teams qualified to the world finals once as a contestant in Hawaii 2002 and thirteen times as a coach Prague 2004, Texas 2006, Banff 2008, Harbin 2010, Orlando 2011, Warsaw 2012, 3 teams in Saint Petersburg 2013, Ekaterinburg 2014 and 4 teams in Marrakech.
Moreover, two other top ranked teams did not qualify to Harbin 2010 and Warsaw 2012 because there were two other teams from the same university already qualified. Moreover, he is the only coach in the Arab region who achieved such records.
IBM and ICPC honored him with a ‘Coach Award’ in May 2012 at the ICPC World Finals. As this award is given to coaches that have brought teams to the World Finals for five years or more.

Worked as Chief Judge LCPC 2012,2013,2014, JCPC 2012, 2013,2014,2015, ECPC 2003, 2004,2005, MCPC 2013,2014, TCPC 2013, 2014,2015, OCPC 2014 SCPC 2014. Worked as problem setter and judge in SCPC 2012,2013 , LCPC 2009, 2010, 2011, PCPC 2012,2013, MCPC 2012, OCPC 2013. Worked as contest manager and head of operations and system admin in ECPC 2003–>2010.

Graduated from Computer Science Department from Faculty of computers and information – Cairo University 2001 and Finished MSc Computer Science Department from Faculty of computers and information – Cairo University 2010. TA at Faculty of computers and information – Cairo University, The American university in Cairo and Regional informatics Center at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Abo Keer Campus.

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